Joker Point

We are excited to announce the launch of our first blend, Joker Point Blend. Joker Point is where it all began for Les Cheneaux Coffee Roasters. Joker Point is in the heart of the Les Cheneaux Islands, and where we bought our home this past July. We also built our roastery on our property, and it’s where we do all of our roasting.

Joker Point has a long, storied history in the Les Cheneaux Islands. Anthony Hamel, the first Les Cheneaux commercial fisherman, bought the 1885-built schooner, the Joker, in 1893 and converted it to a steam engine fishing tug. The point of land that protected the vessel from heavy seas and high winds could not protect it from the crushing ice after it sank at her moorings in a winter storm one night. That point of land is known today as “Joker Point” and it anchors one of the more picturesque shorelines in the Les Cheneaux Islands. We are proud to name our first blend after this point of land that we call “home” today.