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Our signature Joker Point Blend is a harmonious combination of the creamy chocolate and citrus undertones of two of our most popular single origin coffees.

High-grown Indonesian and African coffees are harmoniously blended together to achieve a rich, full-bodied cup with distinct notes of chocolate and citrus.  This coffee presents a smooth, well balanced cup that will please most palettes.  Both coffees are certified Fair Trade and USDA Organic.

Joker Point is named after one of the distinctive points in the Les Cheneaux Islands, well known by locals to anchor one of the more picturesque shorelines of the islands.


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Jen May 27th 2020

Great Coffee

The past two summers, one of the things I looked forward to most is the mocha at Les Cheneaux Coffee Roasters. SO GOOD. Since Covid prevents me from visiting my aunt in Cedarville this summer, I ordered some Jokers Point coffee. It is my favorite roast out of MANY coffee I have tried from small and large roasters. Its smooth and flavorful, and not bitter. It also makes excellent iced coffee.

Mark Wuth Nov 17th 2018


I haven't ordered any beans com lea cheneaux in awhile,and the fall weather made me think about those hearty souls up north.Once again,Jen,Dave,and not disappoint.They know I love fresh beans,and waited until a batch came right out the roaster before filling my order.Joker Point is a great blend,and their Ethiopian is wonderful as well.LesCheneaux does craft coffee as well or better than any I have tried...Good job!

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